How to care for your child with a sore throat

Sore throat in children is a common symptom that occurs during cold seasons. The fact that children have an inactive defense system and are still learning how to fight off all types of bacteria and viruses can make it difficult for them to feel pain in their throats.

Depending on the patient’s characteristics, the treatment can vary in terms both of its duration and the product used. A visit to a specialist doctor is recommended for children with severe and persistent pain.

We must be aware of some signs and symptoms when relieving pain for a longer time or in situations where the cause of the pain is viral or bacterial.

If there is a persistent irritation at the throat for more than a month, or if the tonsils and throat are reddened, then it’s time to seek the advice of a specialist.

Sore throats in children: Causes

Multiple causes of pain may exist, including infections of bacterial or viral origin. A common viral infection can cause pain when you swallow.

If the pain continues to persist, even after several evenings of hot tea and warm honey preparations, it is important to contact a pediatrician immediately.

Children’s neck pain treatment

Natural remedies can be used to treat mild colds that are accompanied by sore throat. Consultation with a pediatrician is recommended if symptoms persist for more than 3 days.

Hydration is essential. Hydration is not just about water. It also includes hot teas, compotes and beverages at body temperature. The fluids you consume keep the mucous membranes of your throat moist, which makes it easier to get rid of discomfort. You can try herbal teas like thyme and chamomile or mallow, as well as the popular hot drink with lemon.

Many parents love to wrap their necks around their children because they help relieve the pain. A kitchen towel can be used to wrap the neck. It is dipped into hot or cold water depending on the pain. Then, it is squeezed and wrapped around the neck.

This remedy is great for treating hoarseness in the vocal chords. It is important to be close to your child so that he doesn’t slip on the towel or throw it.

Keep this in mind

These are the main aspects to consider when discussing neck pain in children:

If the pain in the throat persists for longer than three days or if there is pain that causes breathing difficulties, suffocation, or pain when swallowing, we should consult a pediatrician.

If the pains feel more intense on one side of your neck, or if you have difficulty hearing, then a more detailed consultation may be necessary.

If the body temperature is high (38° Celsius for more then 3 days or 40° Celsius (among children under 12 years), and there are red spots on the skin or pain in the throat, this could be more serious than a common cold or flu. We can also talk about chicken pox, smallpox or chicken pox. To ensure that your child does not miss school, it is important to be aware of the symptoms and contact your pediatrician.