Bathroom errors that can affect our health

True, many times, our habits cause us to do things we don’t realize are harmful. Routines help us solve our problems more quickly and save valuable time. However, routine blinds us and makes us feel like puppets. Routines can in some cases be harmful to our health. You think you know where the crime scene is. We’ll tell you: in the bathroom!

They directly attack the skin

Do you like to take hot showers and baths? Relaxation is a good thing, but it can also dehydrate your skin and cause damage to the natural oils in your skin. Do you want to relax with flaky and dry skin? It’s better not to! Use warm water for short showers, and add moisturizing natural oil to foam baths.

Attention to the towel!

The towel must be viewed from two perspectives: the material and how it is used to wipe our skin. Use only soft, cotton towels. We should never rub our skin after getting out of the shower. You should gently dab the skin so that it doesn’t get irritated and dried further. It is also important to apply a moisturizing cream.

How often do you change your towel in the bath? Is it common to use the same towel for all parts of your body? We could go on and on about all the questions, but let’s just tell you the right ritual. Each person should have his or her own towel. Even if the towel is for your hands, it should not be shared. You should use separate towels for your face, your body, and your feet. The towel can be a breeding ground of germs and bacteria if it is not changed regularly. To avoid skin irritations or activation, people with sensitive skin should change their towels at least twice per week.

Hygiene is important!

The razors we use to remove hair are another place that bacteria and microbes love. Use disposable devices as often as possible and change the blades after every epilation. Keep it safe and secure. You run the risk of getting cut and your chances of developing skin diseases or infections is greatly increased.

Toothbrush: A possible enemy?

Yes! Yes! There is a high risk of them getting into your mouth and into your whole body. The only solution is a toothbrush with a cover. Make sure to choose a toothbrush with germ protection and that you change the brush at least every three months.